Since I was assaulted in Shoreditch, I have been seeing doctors and dentists… and dealing with the damage caused. It’s been hard. Today, it’s really hard. I want to cry. I might loose some or most of my top front teeth, and need a bridge instead or if I am really lucky, implants after bone restoration. The punch I took to my jaw, broke the supporting bone behind the teeth and pushed the teeth back. When they pulled them forward and shaved some depth off the bottom, the placement made it possible to bite again, but the gaps between them are now huge and there is only soft tissue between them, rather than normal tissue. That soft tissue will recede over time. I can already use a larger tee-pee size to brush between them. I hate this.

Dec 9, assaulted

Jan mid, saw other dentists who told me what I wasn’t ready to hear, Ela and Richard (Endontist)

Feb 12, Oral surgeon, Dejan says need to see Richard again for his view and splint removal and if teeth can be saved. Or should be.

Feb 12, two months after the assault I am unable to feel from 1/2 my mouth in front… and so am starting to except this major shit really may need to happen and that some punk random young assholes can and did really punch the smile off my face. And I can hardly remember smiling without this horrid splint on my face… it’s like something bigger than my teeth are in crisis. My soul is. My very soul. How can I go about my life here anymore? Should I leave this fucking town? Should I change how I live here and stay? Or start over? Tears.

ER waiting

I got a call to come to the ER for a referral to a clinic, which seems backward. Couldn’t they make the appointment and tell me when to turn up? No. They said go to A&E instead and wait.

It’s 4:25pm now. Hope I get to see whoever I meant to see soon.

Update: 9:24pm

The guy who saw me, didn’t seem to know anything about what happened to me and argued a few things in that fucking asshole know-it-all way, after fucking 2 minutes of bullshit. He says the other doctors are wrong and used the wrong words to describe a fractured jaw bone… cause it’s not falling out of my mouth in pieces… it’s not a fracture to him. But it’s now been over 3 weeks and healing since the 9th of December, so what the fuck does his late opinion on shit that is healing matter to an A&E doctor anyway. Why refer people to get appointments via a visit to the A&E? So you can put more news of time wasting visits to A&E in the nightly news? What the fuck Tory NHS?

What the fuck. Fucking asshole cunty fucks.

Apple Battery Replacement

At the Apple store, if you are lucky enough to get to be able to see a ‘genius’ on the same day, takes hours. Today, it’s a 3-4 wait. So I have been sitting here waiting for 3 hours now… looking at the new store with trees taking up the space they used to have available for people to help customers… and can’t help thinking:

If these trees are there to make me think they care about the environment, they could show they genuinely care by making it possible for users to change their own batteries.

I remember when you could go to a counter and leave your stuff for repairs, without having to book ahead or wait hours. Feels like they are so in love with the idea of being innovative that they don’t realise what a pain these new methods cause customers.

I guess they want people to explore and buy more new crap whilst waiting? But waiting puts me off the idea of buying and new crap, if this how much hassle it is to change batteries. OMG!

When these stores opened, it was the speed that you could get service which made them innovative. Now, it’s just a pain. Serious pain.

People clobbering into each other and everyone sitting around waiting. I feel lost in the shuffle. And with a broke collarbone, I fear being bumped into here. So I sit in a corner, on my second store visit to try to change batteries.

My Windows Phone allows users to order a battery and pop it in themselves. It’s a joyous experience. I have a few batteries for that one, and change them on the go, for any day I take it out for photography days out. (The camera is by far better on that than any other phone I have seen.)

Bored. And not tempted to buy new crap here at the Apple store, at all.

The world is officially backwards.