Healing plan

So the collarbone healing is being assisted with a ultrasound gadget called Exogen, and it’s working. Doctor says, if I use it for another 3 months, it will do the trick and there won’t be any need for surgery.

So happy about that!

The teeth and jaw are another matter. Still waiting on a treatment plan from the dentists who don’t seem to be in any hurry. Fearing that, but letting the fear go, instead of dwelling on it. As the stress of fear is a waste of fucking time. LOL.

I returned from a visit home to spend time with friends, and that’s helped recharge my mojo… and rebuild my spirits. I didn’t have the strength or energy to be there and be social on all the days I was there. So I took it slow and rested some days and socialised other days. Calling friends individually to make plans offline and discreetly….so as to not have it posted on Facebook and not feel obliged to meet everyone and exhaust myself in that social obligation.

That went well. I plan to return this summer, to spend at least a month in Detroit and a few weeks bopping around other places (Chicago, NYC, San Francisco, Texas possibly, etc) in the states, to connect with people I love and have not seen enough of for years. Feels like in life there’s a lot of stuff we do in routine which disconnects us over time and that’s a pattern I am planning to change, in order to heal. Both physically, and mentally. Mojo’s don’t recharge at Doctors or Dentists, they do recharge in the company of friends. I have not made time for friends for years, cause I was wrapped up in my career, and that’s regretful. And will change. That’s my plan. My healing plan.

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