Hating iOS

When I bought this iOS device for making videos, and playing them off-line, it worked.

And after upgrades, it now wants to stream everything off of Wi-Fi. So I cannot play my own home made videos for friends offline. What the fuck Apple?

What happened to “it just works”? No, not anymore. Upgrade, my ass.

So now I will have to spend a whole bunch of time figuring out where to go and how many different programs to use and how much time I need to wait to move my videos from the Photos app into the Files app and then to synchronise and then to wait for that to happen and then to save them for off-line viewing and hope that it is really saved for off-line viewing instead of just cached so I can show my home movies to my friends and my vacation. What a fucking hassle you Silicon Valley cunts. That adds hours of wasted time of file management and bullshit and doubt to my workflow. Which used to be as simple as record and play (2 steps), and now is a big of a pain in the ass and prone to failure.

What the fuck Apple? What the fuckety fuck.

Take your upgrades and shove them up your ass.

My mental mood every time you fuck with what works well to upgrade it into a shitty user experience says to me, you don’t give a shit anymore and take your customers for granted. Assholes.

Steve Jobs had the courtesy of showing demos of what changed and how to use it before it changes, so you feel good with the change and are not given nasty surprises when change comes. But now, old use cases like “record video, play video offline” are forgotten so you can sell me your fucking new hosting service, and force everything through it without manual controls to retain flexibility.

Here’s a use case for you assholes:

Long press on video, pop up option, keep full file on iPad. That would work. Or, a setting in Photos to keep full file and resolution locally saved if it is one of the Favourites and has a heart icon saved to indicate it has been saved as a favourite.

People bought your shit so they could use it away from the internet too, cunts. What is the point of a wireless portable gadget that relies on constant connectivity for simple uses like this?

Don’t tell me about your fucking new features anymore cause I am loosing interest. You have frustrated me with this constant change which you don’t both to explain or document or support anymore cause you are all too busy congratulating yourselves on how clever you are. When you expect people to rely on you for their work and livelihood and then you pull the rug out from under their feet every few upgrades, you can kiss my ass. I have had enough. I have woke up angry at my iFucketyPhone and iCuntyPad which used to be fun and now just pisses me off. Assholes. Fuck you. Get out of your self congratulatory bubble and smell the stink of he shit you throw at your users, and stop taking us for granted.

You have more money than most countries, but are too stingy to source an AI dictionary that predicts or suggests things as well as Microsoft Word did in the 90’s. And your autocorrect is a fucking nightmare. Siri hardly understands English and won’t le you refine queries made in the last minute, so you have a stupid artificial intelligence, a poor dictionary, a camera that won’t let you play your own videos without WiFi and maps that send you to the wrong places, and headphone jacks replaced with more overpriced converter cables than any sane person wants to carry with them. So perhaps I will try Android and let Google see and share all my shit with every corporation who wants it cause it probably won’t piss me off everyday I use it, and might just work. I’d rather not open my arse for corporate snoopers to sniff around, but paying you fuckwits to torture me with bad user experiences and workflows is testing my sanity and patience and has done for over a year now. I hate iOS. Didn’t used too. But now I do.

I hate iOS.

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